Our Services

After Care Service

At Bassil Creations, we are committed to providing excellent service throughout the life of your jewellery piece. We offer a complimentary annual checkup, where you can bring in your custom made piece and we will do a check up while you wait.

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Request a Consultation

Are you looking for the perfect custom-made and bespoke jewellery? We understand how finding the right jewellery whether it be for yourself, a loved one or friends and family may be a difficult process.

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With so many ring designs to choose from, figuring out how to buy the perfect engagement ring can seem overwhelming. We’ve created a guide to take the stress out of the whole engagement ring search.

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Jewellery Remodelling

Recycling old metal and gemstones is important to more of our clients, mainly for sentimental reasons. So many people have a box or drawer full of old jewellery that they have collected or inherited, but more often than not it stays there, unworn. But jewellery should be worn and enjoyed!

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Our Approach

Dream & Inspire

We start with what inspires you, reviewing the pictures and sketches you bring in to imagine the possibilities. If you aren’t sure of what you want, we will collaborate with you on the concept.

Design & Create

See your jewellery come to life in hand-drawn sketches or professional photo-realistic 3D renderings, detailed down to every stone, curve and color. We adjust the design until you see exactly what you want.

Your custom design is created by our Master Jeweller in a precious metal. We set the stones carefully and hand-finish the design to bring out every detail, and the design you dreamed of is now yours.